Called Out and Sent Forward

Hello, old friends!

We’ve journeyed many miles since we last spoke, not only physically, but even more spiritually as God has been blowing wind into our sails, moving us in a direction that honestly has been quite a surprise to us.

Our time here with Burn 24/7 has been so awesome on many levels. God has poured His heart into ours with an abundant measure, and we have such a hunger to see the world worship Him and love Him, to see revival fire spread around the globe! We have seen the power of His Presence and the impact of prayer and worship on shifting the atmosphere of families, neighborhoods, cities, and entire nations. This is the fire Holy Spirit has stoked within us and with which we blaze on into our next mission.

After seemingly endless hours of prayer and discussion over this past month and a half, and as God has been guiding our steps and hearts, and moving us forward into what He has for us as a family, we have felt called to carry what we’ve learned and gained here with Burn 24/7 into a local church setting. God is sending us on from this amazing time of growth and development and ministry into a new ministry context, one we’re very familiar with, but one we weren’t expecting to be involved with again so soon. We feel God is sending us out from Burn 24/7 to carry this DNA of worship and prayer and missions to partner with a local church. We love the local church and are super excited!

To our astonishment, the door God has opened for us is in a wonderful church called Christ Community in Greeley, Colorado. I will be their new Worship Arts Pastor at their main campus. They are a growing, vibrant church in the heart of Greeley, just a few blocks from the University of Northern Colorado, and have just opened their 5th campus in this city of 110,000 people. God is doing a great work through this local church. They are excited for us to come and integrate all that we are into their community, and we are excited to be a part of what God is doing in and through them. Mariana and I will be very involved with prayer and worship, and already have received many visions from God for how we can join with Christ Community in impacting Greeley and the rest of Colorado, and beyond!

We know that God brought us out to Pennsylvania for this season, and that He has done many works in us to prepare us for this next ministry call to Greeley. We are sad to leave our wonderful friends and ministry here in Harrisburg, but we know that we will see them again and be involved in more ministry in some capacity in the future.

We are excited to partner with the great people of Christ Community! It will also be good to be in Colorado again, where we have many friends and loved ones who are dear to us. It makes us glad to be near them again. And we’ve already made many wonderful friends on the staff at Christ Community from the few days we visited recently!

Thank you for all your love and support and prayers over these past several months. We could not have done this without you! We still would love your prayers as we move on into this next season of ministry. In just a few short days, we’ll again be putting all our belongings in a moving truck and driving the 1,600 miles across the country to the high plains of Colorado. Quite an adventure for our little family!

Much love from The Wakefields – Noah, Luca, Mariana, and Dan


Germans, New Songs, Witches, and Human-Trafficking

Blend them together and you’ve brewed a spicy cocktail. This has been our life the past two weeks.

A wonderful family from Germany arrived last weekend and will be living with us through January. They are part of Burn 24-7 and needed a place to live until they head to Paraguay to light the Burn fires of revival in those beautiful hearts. They are about our age, with two gorgeous, bright children, about the same ages as our two boys. All four kids have been having a blast this past week having play friends, and we’ve really been enjoying getting to know our new friends and housemates – sharing life stories, adventures of joining Burn, learning German, laughing together, and enjoying God’s goodness.

Also this past week, I released a new song into the digital universe: With A Fire. I’ve been working on it for several months and am so excited to finally be sharing it with the world. It’s a song all about the wonderful truth of Jesus’ love for us: while we were still sinners, He died for us! (Check out Romans 5.) You can download my new song on iTunes or any other digital store, as well as listen on Spotify.

I also wrote a new song this week called Carry Me Up. God put this song in my heart after my youngest has been asking me to “carry me up” and raising his arms to me. He combined “pick me up” and “carry me” into this beautiful phrase. I delight to pick him up when I hear his sweet little voice asking me to carry him up, and I hold him tightly in my arms and kiss his cheek and whisper in his ear how much I love him. And this is what God does for us when we reach our arms passionately to Him and say, “carry me up!” That’s what this song gives voice to.

I shared this song last night with a conference I’m leading worship at in New Jersey this weekend. It’s a summit against human-trafficking – raising awareness and empowering people to see justice come in Jesus’ name. I invited people to stretch their arms straight up to their heavenly Daddy (no half-raised arms of uncertainty; kids aren’t like that; they raise them straight up with passion because they want daddy to pick them up) and sing “carry me up.” It was such a sweet sight and sound to see a packed room worshiping Jesus with this brand new song and seeing them experience the love of their Father.

The Summit will continue today and tomorrow. It’s already been an intense time where God is breaking our hearts for what breaks His. He is filling our hearts with His heart and moving our feet into action. We are crying out for His kingdom to come and His will to be done here on earth. For more on this topic and the organization, Love True, head over here:

Next week, during Halloween, we head to Salem, MA with our entire Burn crew, partnering with a bunch of other ministries to worship God over this center of witchcraft and occultism and share the love of Jesus Christ. We will do a 72-hour burn – worshipping The Lord nonstop for three days leading up to midnight on Halloween – and sharing Jesus on the streets with whoever we can. Please pray for us as we head into a hotbed of demonic activity – we need your covering and support in the Spirit!

God is so good!! I continue to be blown away by His love and faithfulness. He is taking me and my family deeper and deeper into His presence, and each week is full of amazing God-stories of life-change, healing, restoration, forgiveness, and joy. Thank you for joining us on this journey! If you feel moved to partner with us financially, please head over to the ‘About’ page here on our blog to find out more:

Much love from The Wakefields in Pennsylvania!!

Under The Radar in Washington, D.C.



You’d think that with the United States Government shut down, a large, white tent sitting by itself on The Ellipse, the back lawn of the White House, itself a National Park, would be a hot topic of discussion among the media and Washington locals.

“What’s with the giant, white tent in Obama’s backyard?” “What’s going on in there?” “Why do THEY get to be on a National Park while everyone else is not allowed?” “What’s with all the music streaming out of there?”

But not so.

Government Shutdown aside, there has been barely any coverage of this atmosphere-changing phenomenon known as David’s Tent. No news trucks. No reporters. No interviews. No cameras and lights. Even reporters taking pictures of the Ellipse, with the Tent smack-dab in the middle of their picture, make no mention of it.

This is the second year of David’s Tent. As they were planning their first year last year, they were trying to get a permit for a different location – an inferior location, to be sure. The National Park Service actually recommended they get a permit for The Ellipse. And through all of the hoops – noise ordinances; generator regulations; tent-stake limitations – David’s Tent has jumped effortlessly.

It is plain that Jesus loves this idea.

After driving 2 hours from Harrisburg, PA, we spent another two hours worshiping Jesus and enthroning Him on our praise over our great nation’s capital. He filled our hearts with His heart for Washington: not the buildings; not the structures; not the meetings and organizations and historical shadows; but the PEOPLE. We saw these people, our fellow humans, our fellow God-created-and-God-loved people, as He sees them. With joy. With passion. With pleasure. With hot pursuit of love and grace and peace.

We sang old songs. We sang brand new songs given by Heaven in that moment. We played our instruments with all our might. We encouraged and prayed for fellow Jesus-followers. We spoke with passers-by who asked, “What are you doing?” It was a beautiful blending of intercession and worship, of music and missions.

We spent all ourselves in the endeavor. We were exhausted. And we were happy.

Holy Spirit has seen fit to open the way for David’s Tent, and to keep it going. Through government shutdowns, through tornadoes and storms, through shoot-outs, through lockdowns. He has hidden it in the very center of our nation, under the eye of everyone. The constant, non-stop, night-and-day, 40-day worship and adoration and praise of Him is rising over D.C. and the rest of the U.S. as a fragrant offering to Him who sits enthroned above the circle of the earth; and it is shifting the atmosphere. It is moving hearts, and doing more than any of us can begin to imagine.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5

(For more info on David’s Tent, go to

Inner-city Harrisburg

“Man, it’s summer today!” he said as we made our way down the broken sidewalk.

“No, it’s Fall, for sure! Where I’m from, this is definitely Fall weather,” she replied with a laugh.

I carried my guitar slung over my shoulder, part of my arsenal to combat the darkness in this city. That was our task on this afternoon: to enthrone Jesus on our praise; to adore Him; to intercede for these wonderful people He loves; to share His love.

Such commotion: horns honking, tires squealing, men yelling. Is that fish I smell? Maybe it’s coming from the “USA Fried Chicken” restaurant across the corner. I lift my eyes heavenward and sing out my prayers. I feel God lay His heart into mine, and I find myself falling more in love with these people.

“You’re the God of this city…greater things are yet to come, greater things are still to be done in this city…!” We sing with all we have. A lady with frizzy dark hair and purple headphones eyes us from a bench across the cement park. Two of our team approach her smiling and strike up conversation. She’s cautious, reserved, nervous. She abruptly makes a quick exit.

As we sing on, I have the opportunity to share the Gospel with a man who only speaks Spanish. Through my chopped up words, we’re able to share the love of Jesus and pray for him.

Another man with his arm in a sling takes a seat near us on a cracked, stone chair. He pours water on the dirty ground for his dog to drink. We begin to talk, and he allows us to pray for his shoulder. After having had two surgeries, he said he begins to feel it tingle as we pray, and we leave him with a smile on his face and his shoulder feeling much better.

As we walk back to our base to meet with our other teams, I feel the setting sun giving me it’s remaining heat and my heart leaps feeling alive. These are the moments God has called me to, to give my life in worship and evangelism over neighborhoods, cities, peoples, countries. Thank you for what you’ve brought my family and me into, Lord!

We’ve Arrived in Harrisburg!

After 3 days of traveling, we finally made it to Harrisburg, PA! We left at 9PM on Friday night, drove straight through the night and finally stopped at some of my family’s house in southern Indiana on Saturday night at 11PM. On Sunday, we had a short drive to visit and stay with more family in Ohio. And then on Monday, we finished out our trip with an 8-hour drive. Today we’ve begun to rest and recoup.

When we arrived last night, we had a great time of prayer with our new Burn 24-7 tribe and prophesied over each other. It was a wonderful beginning to our new life here! Such great, beautiful people, full of Holy Spirit and His love and grace. This morning, we had another time of worship and prayer together, interceding for the wonderful people of the Northeast. Lots of words from the Lord were given, and lots of new songs were birthed!

I took my first run here in PA this afternoon, which was awesome. PA has entered nicely into Fall, and I enjoyed the crisp air, the warm afternoon sun, and the changing colors in the trees. Mariana took her first trip to the grocery and really enjoyed getting to know Giant. She’s already got her rewards card!

We’re so full of expectancy for what God is going to do this Fall and beyond. My faith has grown stronger than it’s ever been in my life. On Sunday when we were in Indiana, we took a walk with our boys, and our 4-year-old saw I tree he wanted to climb. He began on the sprawling, thick limbs at the bottom and began to make his way up. I was so excited to see him discovering the joy of climbing trees! I helped lift him to the next branch up, still very close to the ground, but a step higher than he was. He immediately grew nervous and was afraid he would fall. I tried to assure him that I was holding him, and that it would be a great adventure, one that he would love and delight in. But he was too scared in the end, so I lowered him again to the beginning trunks.

Today I realized how God is doing this same thing in my life, in the lives of my family. He’s lifting me up to another level, a new height, knowing how much I will enjoy it and delight in it. I feel fearful at times, wondering if His hands really do have me. But my faith in Him has grown strong over the years, and I know He’s a good Daddy. I’m enjoying our perch on this new branch, and can’t wait to climb higher with Him!

Much love from the Wakefields of Harrisburg!

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4 More Days!

The boys spent last night at their grandparents, and will spend most of the day there today, while Mariana and I pack our house. It’s a surreal experience: quiet without our boys here; bare walls; boxes piling in the garage; going through memories one by one as they prepare to make this grand journey with us.

We are excited beyond belief to finally make our way to Harrisburg and step into this great, new adventure with Burn 24-7! It feels more and more real as we enter these last 4 days of living in Colorado. I’m a Colorado native, and I’m ready to add a new state to my license plates. And we are so ready to move forward as worship warriors, with love in our hands, and carry Holy Spirit with us to burn brightly for Him and see others catch fire with His grace and joy and life!!

Minute by minute, more pieces are falling together and we see God’s powerful hand at work in making our paths straight. He is a good and loving God! We also feel the wind of the spiritual battle we are entering, as we join with Burn 24-7 and take on the forces of darkness around the world in Jesus’ Name. “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it!!” Please pray for us in this final week: for God’s favor and provision, for His timing, for His protection, for His strength. Pray that the darkness would be pierced through the heart with the glorious light of the Son.

Join us in agreeing with the heart of Jesus: “I came to cast fire on the earth, and would that it were already kindled!” (Luke 12:49, ESV) We want to see Your fire burning in the hearts of all people, Jesus! Set us on fire for you!

Garage Sale – Tomorrow!! SEP 14

We’re having a huge GARAGE SALE tomorrow, Sep 14, to prepare for our move to Harrisburg! Come by and find some great stuff for a great deal, and support us going as missionaries with Burn 24-7 to see revival spread across our nation and this world!!

5344 Goshawk Street, Brighton 80601



Video – Burn 24-7

Here’s a short video with more about Burn 24-7. Check out what we’re stepping into!! We’re so stoked to see God bring revival to the nations of the earth!! We are joining with the heart of God to see people wake to life in His love and grace and begin burning brightly with His life. Jesus is setting this fire on the world, and we will go in His name to burn for Him and spread the fragrance of our burning to everyone around!!