Under The Radar in Washington, D.C.



You’d think that with the United States Government shut down, a large, white tent sitting by itself on The Ellipse, the back lawn of the White House, itself a National Park, would be a hot topic of discussion among the media and Washington locals.

“What’s with the giant, white tent in Obama’s backyard?” “What’s going on in there?” “Why do THEY get to be on a National Park while everyone else is not allowed?” “What’s with all the music streaming out of there?”

But not so.

Government Shutdown aside, there has been barely any coverage of this atmosphere-changing phenomenon known as David’s Tent. No news trucks. No reporters. No interviews. No cameras and lights. Even reporters taking pictures of the Ellipse, with the Tent smack-dab in the middle of their picture, make no mention of it.

This is the second year of David’s Tent. As they were planning their first year last year, they were trying to get a permit for a different location – an inferior location, to be sure. The National Park Service actually recommended they get a permit for The Ellipse. And through all of the hoops – noise ordinances; generator regulations; tent-stake limitations – David’s Tent has jumped effortlessly.

It is plain that Jesus loves this idea.

After driving 2 hours from Harrisburg, PA, we spent another two hours worshiping Jesus and enthroning Him on our praise over our great nation’s capital. He filled our hearts with His heart for Washington: not the buildings; not the structures; not the meetings and organizations and historical shadows; but the PEOPLE. We saw these people, our fellow humans, our fellow God-created-and-God-loved people, as He sees them. With joy. With passion. With pleasure. With hot pursuit of love and grace and peace.

We sang old songs. We sang brand new songs given by Heaven in that moment. We played our instruments with all our might. We encouraged and prayed for fellow Jesus-followers. We spoke with passers-by who asked, “What are you doing?” It was a beautiful blending of intercession and worship, of music and missions.

We spent all ourselves in the endeavor. We were exhausted. And we were happy.

Holy Spirit has seen fit to open the way for David’s Tent, and to keep it going. Through government shutdowns, through tornadoes and storms, through shoot-outs, through lockdowns. He has hidden it in the very center of our nation, under the eye of everyone. The constant, non-stop, night-and-day, 40-day worship and adoration and praise of Him is rising over D.C. and the rest of the U.S. as a fragrant offering to Him who sits enthroned above the circle of the earth; and it is shifting the atmosphere. It is moving hearts, and doing more than any of us can begin to imagine.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5

(For more info on David’s Tent, go to http://www.davidstentdc.org)


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