We’ve Arrived in Harrisburg!

After 3 days of traveling, we finally made it to Harrisburg, PA! We left at 9PM on Friday night, drove straight through the night and finally stopped at some of my family’s house in southern Indiana on Saturday night at 11PM. On Sunday, we had a short drive to visit and stay with more family in Ohio. And then on Monday, we finished out our trip with an 8-hour drive. Today we’ve begun to rest and recoup.

When we arrived last night, we had a great time of prayer with our new Burn 24-7 tribe and prophesied over each other. It was a wonderful beginning to our new life here! Such great, beautiful people, full of Holy Spirit and His love and grace. This morning, we had another time of worship and prayer together, interceding for the wonderful people of the Northeast. Lots of words from the Lord were given, and lots of new songs were birthed!

I took my first run here in PA this afternoon, which was awesome. PA has entered nicely into Fall, and I enjoyed the crisp air, the warm afternoon sun, and the changing colors in the trees. Mariana took her first trip to the grocery and really enjoyed getting to know Giant. She’s already got her rewards card!

We’re so full of expectancy for what God is going to do this Fall and beyond. My faith has grown stronger than it’s ever been in my life. On Sunday when we were in Indiana, we took a walk with our boys, and our 4-year-old saw I tree he wanted to climb. He began on the sprawling, thick limbs at the bottom and began to make his way up. I was so excited to see him discovering the joy of climbing trees! I helped lift him to the next branch up, still very close to the ground, but a step higher than he was. He immediately grew nervous and was afraid he would fall. I tried to assure him that I was holding him, and that it would be a great adventure, one that he would love and delight in. But he was too scared in the end, so I lowered him again to the beginning trunks.

Today I realized how God is doing this same thing in my life, in the lives of my family. He’s lifting me up to another level, a new height, knowing how much I will enjoy it and delight in it. I feel fearful at times, wondering if His hands really do have me. But my faith in Him has grown strong over the years, and I know He’s a good Daddy. I’m enjoying our perch on this new branch, and can’t wait to climb higher with Him!

Much love from the Wakefields of Harrisburg!

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