Germans, New Songs, Witches, and Human-Trafficking

Blend them together and you’ve brewed a spicy cocktail. This has been our life the past two weeks.

A wonderful family from Germany arrived last weekend and will be living with us through January. They are part of Burn 24-7 and needed a place to live until they head to Paraguay to light the Burn fires of revival in those beautiful hearts. They are about our age, with two gorgeous, bright children, about the same ages as our two boys. All four kids have been having a blast this past week having play friends, and we’ve really been enjoying getting to know our new friends and housemates – sharing life stories, adventures of joining Burn, learning German, laughing together, and enjoying God’s goodness.

Also this past week, I released a new song into the digital universe: With A Fire. I’ve been working on it for several months and am so excited to finally be sharing it with the world. It’s a song all about the wonderful truth of Jesus’ love for us: while we were still sinners, He died for us! (Check out Romans 5.) You can download my new song on iTunes or any other digital store, as well as listen on Spotify.

I also wrote a new song this week called Carry Me Up. God put this song in my heart after my youngest has been asking me to “carry me up” and raising his arms to me. He combined “pick me up” and “carry me” into this beautiful phrase. I delight to pick him up when I hear his sweet little voice asking me to carry him up, and I hold him tightly in my arms and kiss his cheek and whisper in his ear how much I love him. And this is what God does for us when we reach our arms passionately to Him and say, “carry me up!” That’s what this song gives voice to.

I shared this song last night with a conference I’m leading worship at in New Jersey this weekend. It’s a summit against human-trafficking – raising awareness and empowering people to see justice come in Jesus’ name. I invited people to stretch their arms straight up to their heavenly Daddy (no half-raised arms of uncertainty; kids aren’t like that; they raise them straight up with passion because they want daddy to pick them up) and sing “carry me up.” It was such a sweet sight and sound to see a packed room worshiping Jesus with this brand new song and seeing them experience the love of their Father.

The Summit will continue today and tomorrow. It’s already been an intense time where God is breaking our hearts for what breaks His. He is filling our hearts with His heart and moving our feet into action. We are crying out for His kingdom to come and His will to be done here on earth. For more on this topic and the organization, Love True, head over here:

Next week, during Halloween, we head to Salem, MA with our entire Burn crew, partnering with a bunch of other ministries to worship God over this center of witchcraft and occultism and share the love of Jesus Christ. We will do a 72-hour burn – worshipping The Lord nonstop for three days leading up to midnight on Halloween – and sharing Jesus on the streets with whoever we can. Please pray for us as we head into a hotbed of demonic activity – we need your covering and support in the Spirit!

God is so good!! I continue to be blown away by His love and faithfulness. He is taking me and my family deeper and deeper into His presence, and each week is full of amazing God-stories of life-change, healing, restoration, forgiveness, and joy. Thank you for joining us on this journey! If you feel moved to partner with us financially, please head over to the ‘About’ page here on our blog to find out more:

Much love from The Wakefields in Pennsylvania!!


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