Inner-city Harrisburg

“Man, it’s summer today!” he said as we made our way down the broken sidewalk.

“No, it’s Fall, for sure! Where I’m from, this is definitely Fall weather,” she replied with a laugh.

I carried my guitar slung over my shoulder, part of my arsenal to combat the darkness in this city. That was our task on this afternoon: to enthrone Jesus on our praise; to adore Him; to intercede for these wonderful people He loves; to share His love.

Such commotion: horns honking, tires squealing, men yelling. Is that fish I smell? Maybe it’s coming from the “USA Fried Chicken” restaurant across the corner. I lift my eyes heavenward and sing out my prayers. I feel God lay His heart into mine, and I find myself falling more in love with these people.

“You’re the God of this city…greater things are yet to come, greater things are still to be done in this city…!” We sing with all we have. A lady with frizzy dark hair and purple headphones eyes us from a bench across the cement park. Two of our team approach her smiling and strike up conversation. She’s cautious, reserved, nervous. She abruptly makes a quick exit.

As we sing on, I have the opportunity to share the Gospel with a man who only speaks Spanish. Through my chopped up words, we’re able to share the love of Jesus and pray for him.

Another man with his arm in a sling takes a seat near us on a cracked, stone chair. He pours water on the dirty ground for his dog to drink. We begin to talk, and he allows us to pray for his shoulder. After having had two surgeries, he said he begins to feel it tingle as we pray, and we leave him with a smile on his face and his shoulder feeling much better.

As we walk back to our base to meet with our other teams, I feel the setting sun giving me it’s remaining heat and my heart leaps feeling alive. These are the moments God has called me to, to give my life in worship and evangelism over neighborhoods, cities, peoples, countries. Thank you for what you’ve brought my family and me into, Lord!


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